Jim Everett

Jim grew up in a household full of stories and colorful characters – as the grandson of a popular published outback poet in Australia, who wove stories of the lives and scenery of pioneers. He was coached in the art of classic photography by his uncle, a creative raconteur and actor. His early experiences in rural and urban Australia triggered an enduring desire to capture the world in pictures.

Jim has worked in the US for over 15 years, and lives in Los Angeles with his Texas-born wife, Jane. He has photographed in over 20 countries and worked as a lively event and portrait photographer in Australia. He is a charismatic master instructor with a depth of experience in creating learning for novice users, including consulting to companies like Apple, Palm and Tapwave (handheld gaming). Before beginning his work on the TV series concept, Jim established the User Training Group at Apple.

Jim is at ease working with people of different social styles, and bringing out the best in them. Part of his background is in coaching interpersonal skills, and he is an accomplished interviewer. He has worked in many jobs and industries, so has a broad empathy and comfort with people in widely differing walks of life.

He has a natural and professionally experienced ability to engage people on the street, or in their homes, and draw out their stories. He can sense and gauge the appropriate style for the person and the story, from effusive high energy to sensitive understanding.

A natural and entertaining speaker, Jim has made keynote presentations in Australia and the US, and has hosted and produced many client videos in Australia and the US. He has an enjoyable, energetic and entertaining on-camera style, as well as an Australian accent and a mischievous sense of humor, drawing comments such as,  “You’re like an Australian Robin Williams”.

Jim has a unique ability to demystify and simplify intimidating subjects, and to engage and empower people to try new things and get rewarding results. Drawing on his studies in perception and interpreting meaning from experiences, Jim helps people “see” the picture they want.

Jim’s work has been exhibited in the “Distinctive Artists of Southern California” at LAX, by the LA Department of Cultural Affairs. He has also been an exhibitor and sold his work at at several Hermosa Beach Art Walks. His online showcase of LA’s Westwood Crest art deco cinema treasure draws thousands of vewers each year, and his donated works to the Ballona Wetlands Art Auction were leading revenue raisers.

His photographs draw praise from many, for their artistic and interpretive qualities and how they capture the essence of a subject. Jim’s passion is for taking pictures and creating images that convey the experience of a moment.  He loves to help people learn and see their own pictures improve. Following his passions and proven expertise, Jim now brings this unique combination to the television screen.

He holds an honors degree, including the psychology of visual perception, learning and communication. He is a highly acclaimed facilitator and instructor in the technology industry, and was Apple’s Senior Manager of User Training. Jim has run his own successful training business for six years. He is a natural performer, a witty, engaging host, and has a passion for photography and sharing his insights.

Jim is a media contact for the Photo Marketing Association International, has appeared in their Inflight Journal on American Airlines, and produced and hosted several consumer-oriented videos for PMAI websites. He was a featured main hall speaker at the PMA Photo Expo in Anaheim in 2010.

Jim was a guest photographer on three episodes of “The Lab With Leo Laporte on G4 Tech TV Canada, and four of his video podcasts on photography have been featured on G4’s “Torrent” show. He has also has been a photography guest on WS Radio’s Shutterbug Show and numerous times on Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Seize the Day” show.

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